Our guest house

Adventure in Mecsek

Do you want to escape from the noise of the city with your beloved, or your family? Or just want to hike or have an excursion and relax? Visit our appartments with all modern conveniences in Mecsek’s scenic environs, near Pécs.
Where? N46.1690809 E18.3438355

In to north surroundings of Hosszútétény(toward Komló, at the foot of Hármashegy and Zengõ). Sárvári-guesthouse, 7694 Hosszútétény, Hegyelõ street 17, near Pécs, Komló and the Sikonda(waterpark and thermal bath)
Mobil.: +36-30/989-8901
e-mail: info@sarvarihaz.hu
Official data: category: 4 heliotrope rural guesthouse.
Qualification number, published by FTOSZ: 1160
Operation permission no.: 1026/1/2006
Activity classification no.: 552302
Registration no.: 1/2006

We are open all year

Comfortable, descrate, scenic environment

Traditional food, friendly prices

Finnish sauna

Dwarf house, swing, sand pit for children

Two terrace, opportunity to grill or barbecue from spring to autumn

Possibilities to excursion with a leader in Püspökszentlászló’s arborétum, castle in Pécsvárad, straw, baby, egg museums in Zengõvárkony with bike as well! In circel of 10-40 kms – Pécs, Komló, Orfû(thermal bath), dripstone cave in Abaliget, boating lake, winemuseum in Villány, fish-house in Mohács, Turkish memorial park, thermal bath in Hatrkány, castle in Siklós.

Internet, Cable TV, public dayroom in the maintance

Exclusive outing for 18-20 persons(social weekends, wedding-days, years-end parties).

Chance to hunt(with previous reconciliation)

Archery(with leader)
Rooms available:

Room no. 2 for 2person
Room no. 2 for 2 person
Room no. 3 for 2 person
Room no. 4 for 2 person
Room no. 5 for 2 person
Room no. 6 for 2 person
Room no. 7 for 2 person


We welcome all out guest with love!


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